We provide you with high quality comprehensive solutions, in housing, comercial and tourism at a national and international level, satisfying the needs of each one of our clients, based on trust, efficiency, transparency and respect, advising them legally in order to  obtain excellent results and equity profitability of their patrimony.


Being the best option in the real estate sector, making a difference due to the effectiveness and technological innovation offered thanks to our team of professionals, offering a wide portfolio of services, in order to meet your expectations, seeking optimal business opportunities, to create an initiative which also helps to generate more jobs for everyone.


In order to stay at the forefront of the market, we think about each of our clients demands, For this reason, we offer personalized consultations, along with services from architects, engineers, national and international property searches. We invest in a massive virtual advertising system, targeting sales of all types of properties, rentals for short or long stays and commercial appraisals; we provide guidance to all of our clients on legal processes, constructions, remodeling and interior decoration.


We are not only a real estate company, but CasaYa has also created a foundation, with the purpose of helping improve the quality of life of those less fourtunate, by providing support to hopeless elderly, single mothers with disabled children and abandoned animals, with the hope of living in a better world, remembering that we are all one and we can help each other.


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